Today’s India needs strong unity nationwide for prosperity and world peace

– Vallabh Kaviraj

The author of this article, Mr. Vallabh Kaviraj is a longstanding Indian journalist, a poet, writer and newspaper editor. He founded the pioneering independent Indian Asian English newspaper The AEN-The Asian Express Newspaper in London 1973, to promote better understanding and harmony among peoples globally.
And also he founded GBF-Global Business Focus and The AEN News Diary publications in London. He has written a number of articles on global economy, global environment issues, current affairs and Asia affairs in general. He has worked hard to build up his newspaper which is being published on Internet.
He is the man of all peoples. He has composed his own poems in two languages: in English and in Gujarati and published those poems in a book form called ‘Inspiration’ the first of its kind in London 1973 and added a novelty in the field of literature in Britain.
He served as a parent governor in a secondary school in London for six years, contributing considerably to the field of education in London.
His parents had a family business in Gujarat though he chose teaching there. He was formerly a teacher in Gujarat, India, before he came to Britain in 1956 for further study.
He studied Business courses, law, economics and journalism in London and worked for large commercial organisation until retirement from work.
He is now known as one of the pillars of the Asian society in Britain.