UK Warns to Withhold UN Funding if Organisation is no Longer Able to Meet Challenges of the age



In New York, at the United Nations, British Prime Minister, Theresa May reportedly has told the delegates of the UN general assembly, there was a gap between “the nobility of its purposes and the effectiveness of its delivery.”

British Prime Minister, Mrs May, urged the international body to “win our trust.”

In order to secure the full fund, UN agencies will need to show they are efficient and transparent, and she warned of a “crisis of faith in multilateralism” if the UN is no longer able to meet the challenges of the age.

The new UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, has promised reforms to make it “more agile, transparent and joined up.”

Britain’s International Development Secretary, Priti Patel, who has also been at the UN summit in New York.

British Prime Minister, Mrs May in her speech, has also highlighted the importance of the Paris climate change agreement; which Mr Trump has threatened to pull out.

Later, Mrs May held a meeting with President Trump, who said he expected the US to do “a lot of trading with the UK,” said a media news report.

–AENNS: 21/09/2017