Poem: Human

O human self trouble not the world, compare self as the same as all, function inside you same as others of all, why should be troubled or trouble fellows in the world ?

O wild waves ! be not thunder and be not selfish to harm safe boats in the sea, momentary stormy wind will be calmed and all waves will be normalised in the sea.

Forget not the earth, from the sun, all stars related in the sky, human has the bed that is earth and blanket for is the sky.

It is I respect others, naturally I am respected by others. It is I earn living, consequently it is helped in earning living. It is the related world, no mistake, human works himself as well as for others in the civilised world.

-Poet Vallabh Kaviraj-

This poem is composed by poet himself in London and published in his own book of poems “Inspiration” second edition in 1985 and added to the world of literature