India celebrates its 75th Independence day, remembering all the prime ministers, leaders, activists and people who sacrificed to achieve it

India celebrates its 75th Independence Day, remembering all the prime minsters, leaders, activists and the people who sacrificed for to achieve its independence on 15th of August 1947.


Indian Journalist Vallabh Kaviraj who founded own newspaper in English in 1973 to promote harmony and better understanding between host community and ethnic people in UK, awarded British Empire Medal for his service to the multicultural society

He was born during the British Raj, in small Village of Gujarat-India, gaining Primary education in the village and higher education in Surat and Billimora, then became a teacher for two years and save money […]


UK Election 2019

The UK’s main parties are gearing up for a general election on 12 December. These national votes, to choose a government to run the country, are supposed to be held every five years.