Indians living abroad are true national ambassadors, India’s PM Modi says

Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister

India’s Prime Minister Modi reportedly said Indians who are living abroad are the true ambassadors of India and strengthen the country’s relations with other countries.

 Prime Minister Modi reportedly said power and workforce are the biggest assets of any nation and once the people decide to bring about change, everything is possible, and further he said if the governments think that that they are alone can bring changes, they are mistaken, and he added that changes can be made through participative governance, media news report said.

According to media news report, Prime Minister Modi who was addressing the Grand finale of Smart India Hackathon -2018 through the video-conferencing in New Delhi, he reportedly said innovation has the power to overcome the challenges the world facing, and he said it is essential to know the root of every problem and stressed the need to think about out of the box way to resolve the problems, saying nobody is blessed with all the knowledge in the world and this also applies to Governments. Saying that innovation is a continuous process and questioning is an important aspect of innovation.

Prime Minister Modi reportedly said, there is a need to think that how the innovation transforms the lives of the citizens, he said Innovate, Patent, Produce, and Prosper will drive innovation and he said we should innovate more, patent them, make their products easier and take it to people, said media report.

-AENNS – 31/03/2018